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BAYAN USA Statement of Solidarity with the Egyptian People’s Struggle

News Statement
January 31, 2011

Reference: Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson, BAYAN USA

Katie Joaquin of Anakbayan East Bay at the SF Rally in Solidarity with the Protests in Egypt and Tunisia, 1/29/11 (Photo by Sunshine Velasco)

Filipino-Americans Stand with the Egyptian People in Calling for Mubarak to Step Down

Filipino-Americans under the banner of BAYAN USA are joining rallies across the United States in support of the Egyptian people’s courageous resistance and calling for an end to the US-backed dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. BAYAN USA is equally inspired by the national protest movements unfolding across North Africa and the Middle East, beginning with Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, and now Egypt.

Despite mainstream media’s attempts to distort the protesters as Islamic extremists, the protests in Egypt clearly represent a broad, united front of various classes and sectors of Egyptian society that have grown sick and tired over deep, longstanding socio-economic problems including rising unemployment, food prices, widespread poverty, and government corruption. These are all exacerbated under the current global economic crisis coupled with over 30 years of Mubarak’s allegiance to US foreign policy–which stresses economic liberalization and privatization in the region– over the Egyptian people’s national interests.

The Filipino people are all too familiar with how the US hegemonic hand at the root of the Egyptian people’s misery is able to be sustained through puppet leaders such as Mubarak treating government as a private business rather than as a public service, otherwise known as bureaucrat capitalism. This was the case with the former US-backed dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, whose Iron Fist regime was no match for the popular people’s uprising known as People Power that ousted him from office in 1986. Unfortunately, this has also been the case with all the succeeding regimes in the Philippines.

The valuable lesson the Filipino people have learned from ousting two US puppet presidents through popular upsurge is that a change in leadership does not eradicate bureaucrat capitalism, domestic feudalism, nor foreign dictates. This must come from continuous struggle for structural change by way of a revolutionary mass movement.

Darah Macaraeg of League of Filipino Students-SFSU speaks at the SF Rally in Solidarity with the Protests in Egypt and Tunisia, 1/29/11 (Photo by Sunshine Velasco)

We are endlessly inspired by the Egyptian people’s fighting spirit and self-determination, and we demand the US government to withdraw all forms of support for Hosni Mubarak, who is now heavily-isolated. This especially includes all forms of US economic and military aid to Egypt. Considered one of the closes allies to the US government in the Middle East, Mubarak’s Egypt has enjoyed being the second largest beneficiary of US military aid in the world, receiving $1.3 billion in US tax dollars annually. We also call on the US government to respect and recognize Egyptian sovereignty by not interfering with Egyptian domestic affairs.

Lastly, we call on the people in the US to show their solidarity with the Egyptian people’s struggle by holding the Obama government and US ruling elite accountable for the burdensome economic crisis they have passed on to our backs, in forms such as skyrocketing unemployment and homelessness, critical cuts to education and health care, overbearing privatization of the social services, the prison industrial complex, and the rising costs of consumer goods. We call on the people in the US to strengthen and expand our unity against the US war machine waging costly imperialist wars of aggression abroad in the bogus name of democracy and freedom. This is amongst our best acts of solidarity for the Egyptian people and all other oppressed peoples of the world.


League of Filipino Students-SFSU says “Stop the Killings!” Money for education not assassinations!

Contact: Princess Bustos
Chair, League of Filipino Students (LFS)
San Francisco State University (SFSU)

San Francisco, CA, USA–On Thursday, September 21, 2006 the League of Filipino Students San Francisco State University chapter (LFS-SFSU) will launch its Stop the Killings!/Oust GMA campaign. On this date 34 years ago, then-president of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Proclaimation1081 effectively declaring Martial Law. In order to support its own corporate interests US imperialism propped up the Marcos dictatorship by providing monetary support and military aid to its Philippine puppet regime. For nearly two decades, the fascist dictatorship of Marcos plundered government coffers and prostituted the wealth and beauty of our homeland to multinational corporations, all the while terrorizing the Filipino people through military and police brutality.

Thirty-four years later we read the bloodstained pages of our homeland’s history and honor the lives of the 1,500 activists killed and the 769 more who were abducted. We remember the sacrifices they made not only to uphold the basic human rights of the Filipino people, but also their aspirations to bring true democracy and prosperity to the Philippines. And now, exactly thirty-four years later, LFS-SFSU, along with Filipino women’s organization babae, BAYAN-USA, and all concerned, peace-loving allies all over the world will take this day to condemn the murderous regime of “president” Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) as she has done her best to surpass the brutality committed by the Marcos dictatorship.

Like her fascist dictator predecessor, GMA’s rap sheet is long with acts of corruption, cruelty, and disregard for the well-being of the Filipino people. GMA’s electoral fraud was exposed through the “Hello Garci” scandal. GMA has demonstrated her loyalty to US Imperialism as she continues to illegally allow US troops onto Philippine soil. GMA encourages the continued export of Filipinos as cheap labor (an economic “strategy” that was initially devised by Marcos). GMA’s declaration of a State of Emergency through Proclamation 1017 resulted in illegal arrest and detention of progressive leaders and politicians as well as a harsh curbing of civil rights. Worst of all, however, has been GMA’s tyrannical pursuit to stamp-out any and all opposition to her regime through the use of her attack dogs, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

Since GMA took power in the year 2001 the Philippines has seen 755 political killings and 184 kidnappings in the Philippines. These human rights violations have been carried out not only with the approval of, but also with the participation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), both of which GMA is ultimate commander-in-chief of. Amongst these injustices are the murders of two well-respected leaders of the League of Filipino Students, Cris Hugo and Rie Mon “Ka Ambo” Guran and the abduction of LFS member Karen Empeno. Both Hugo and Guran were mercilessly gunned down at close range by well-trained assassins. Empeno, who was kidnapped on June 30th, is still missing.

One of the worst ironies of the political situation in the Philippines, however, is the inadvertent monetary support from Filipino Americans to the fascist GMA regime through our US tax dollars. Our tax money which should be used to fund social services, such as education, here in the United States is instead going to support the “war against terror” in the Philippines. We as Filipino Americans refuse to allow for our tax dollars to pay for the murder and abduction of our people in the Philippines and call upon the US government to instead use our money to pay for desperately needed medical care and education for its people here.

As Filipino youth and students in the United States and members of the League of Filipino Students, we call on GMA to step down and take responsibility as thief of those 755 stolen lives and the culprit of184 forced disappearances. From the belly of the beast, LFS-SFSU shouts “STOP THE KILLINGS! “MONEY FOR EDUCATION NOT ASSASSINATIONS!

Never Again to Martial Law!
Fight US-Arroyo’s Fascist Repression!
Stop the Killings and Involuntary Disappearances!
Frustrate the Charter Change of the US-Arroyo Regime!
Justice for the Victims of Human Rights Violations!

League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University is an Anti-Imperialist, Pro-People, Pro-National Democracy organization representing the Youth/Students sector. LFS-SFSU is an international chapter of LFS Philippines and is a member organization of BAYAN-USA and the International League of Peoples’ Struggle.

Mabuhay ang kilusang kabataan: 29 years of serving the people and the National Democratic Movement

Revolutionary greeting komrades and friends,

The League of Filipino Students San Francisco State University chapter congratulates the League of Filipino Students for their twenty-nine years of dedication in serving, organizing and mobilizing the oppressed masses of the Philippine society. The League of Filipino Students-SFSU extends its utmost respect to all the komrades whom without hesitation continue to sacrifice their personal interest for the interest of the exploited masses.

Despite the ruthless and irresponsible acts of the number one puppet and fascist, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and her egotistical and conniving gang, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP), the youth and student movement continues to burn fearlessly. The fervor for change intensifies in the hearts of each activist as one by one realize the gross neglect of the Philippine government and its intensified repression against its people.

The youth and students have always been actively involved and are continuously at the forefront for the demand for genuine democracy and national sovereignty. Our participation is essential in the fight against U.S. imperialism. We too, are affected by the rotten system, which consistently plagues our country and other third world nations. The youth and students have contributed greatly to the advancement of the National Democratic movement, from assessing the mistakes of the past, rectifying and learning from lessons, and furthering the just struggle for all oppressed peoples in the Philippines and supporting our komrades all over the world.

The National Democratic Movement and the participation of the youth and students do not end in the Philippines. The international chapter of the League of Filipino Students is a testament of the growing resistance and support against U.S. imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings as an alliance of students against tuition fee increase, to a now more militant organization, projecting the sharpest anti-imperialist line.

Although we as the San Francisco State University chapter are thousands of miles away and reside in the belly of the beast, we too are fearlessly propagating the sharpest anti-imperialist perspective. We too support the National Democratic movement. We too face our own issues as uprooted Filipinos living in the United States. And most of all, we too mourn the loss of each komrade.

Much like our fallen komrades and those before us, from Lorena Barros and Liliosa Hilao, to Cris Hugo and Rei Mon “Ka Ambo” Guran, let us be firm in our beliefs and fight until our last breath. Let us uphold the highest discipline and persevere to sharpen our analysis. Let us be guided by the correct principles and not stray from serving the masses. Let us continue to agitate, mobilize and organize our sector and further remold our petty bourgeois tendencies. Let us assert our rights as youth and students for a mass-based, nationalistic and scientific educational system!


[LFS-SFSU] Mabuhay si Cris Hugo at ang Kilusang Kabataan

Joshua Castro
Secretary General, League of Filipino Students (LFS)
San Francisco State University (SFSU)

San Francisco, CA – The theme of League of Filipino Students candle light vigil for murdered youth leader Cris Hugo was Mabuhay, or long live. The event took place on Thursday, March 30 in Malcolm X Plaza at the SFSU campus. The solemn cloudy sky symbolized the grief of members, allies, and individuals who came out to celebrate Cris Hugo”s life and his dedication to the National Democratic movement.

The news of Cris’s murder outraged members of League of Filipino Students and other community members. Princess Bustos, Co-Mass Campaigns Officer expressed that, “We were not at all surprised by Cris’s murder. We know that the fascist US puppet regime of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is willing to take any action in order to maintain her power, even if it means taking the life of Cris or any other organizer working with the people for justice. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo repeatedly proves that her administration will pull any string to silence the ever growing dissent of the people against her iniquitous and vicious administration using the Armed of Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP),” Bustos added.

League of Filipino Students, in addition to the candle light vigil urged other community organizations, supporters, individuals, and members of the international community to sign an online petition demanding President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo take responsibility for Cris’s murder and the rising rate of human rights violations occurring under her watch. More than thirty activists this year alone have been killed while at the same time the fraudulent Macapagal-Arroyo regime continues to blindly and shamelessly neglect the cry of the people for answers and justice.

Community allies spoke of the vigor of the youth and student resistance and our importance in creating change through arousing, mobilizing, and organizing. The night also included statements from babae, a Filipino women’s organization, BAYAN USA, (Bagong Alyansang Makabayan), an alliance of National Democratic organizations in the US, and AnakBayan Honolulu. Also present were other student organizations from San Francisco State University campus, like Asian Student Union (ASU), Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE), General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), and the Black Student Union (BSU), among others. The statements called for the ouster of the number one puppet of the USA, President Macapagal-Arroyo and for an end to the killings of youth and student activists.

The evening was also filled with poetry and music as members of League of Filipino Students demonstrated and articulated their indignation and grief over Cris’s murder. The poetry spoke of the Filipino people’s resistance and their struggle for liberation against imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, semi-feudalism, and semi-colonialism. League of Filipino Students kept the event focused on the countless human rights violations that the remorseless and ferocious President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime continues to commit against the Filipino people.

Bustos also mentioned that. “Cris Hugo’s death is a call for all youth and students to take action. The murder of a student activist symbolizes that the tyranny and brutality of the fake presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is escalating. We must continue to intensify our fight.” League of Filipino Students stands in solidarity with other progressive organizations calling for the ouster of the ruthless Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Regime. League of Filipino Students also extends their warmest and militant condolences to Cris Hugo’s family and friends. Cris will be missed and we vow to keep his memory alive.


For more information please go to: Online petition:

League of Filipino Students- San Francisco State University is an anti-imperialist, pro-people, pro-national democracy organization serving the youth and student sector.