The woman’s place is in the struggle! The woman’s place is in the fight!

babae joins women all over the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. Today is a reminder of the escalating oppressive conditions of international women, but more importantly, today is a testament to the unyielding solidarity of women across oceans and land. Millions of women, internationally, are united in raising awareness and fighting against the systemic and widely tolerated injustices against them.

Injustices imposed upon international women cannot be separated from the oppressive systems of imperialism, feudalism and partriarchalism. The conditions under these existing systems harm the majority of women all over the world.

In the Philippines, under the Macapagal-Arroyo regime, women have suffered under severe and relentless economic and political repression. Women are experiencing mass unemployment, forcing them to leave the Philippines in search for job opportunities abroad. In 2005 alone, more than 700,000 Filipino women have left the country.

The current human rights violations in the Philippines under the de facto and fascist regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are increasing. After the declaration of Proclamation 1017, many women and men striving to address the majority of Filipino people’s needs are being wrongly accused for plotting to overthrow the current government. Liza Maza, Congresswoman for the Gabriela Party List, has been falsely charged and placed under arrest, along with 58 other individuals, organizers, and Congressional representatives.

Even within the United States itself, hard-won women’s rights and welfare are under fire. The reproductive rights of women are constantly being challenged. Immigrant women are under attack through Congressional Bills such as HR 4437 (Sensenbrenner Bill), which criminalize immigrants and agencies that provide services for them. Women who are lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered or unwilling to conform to traditional women’s roles are experiencing discrimination in the context of this patriarchal society. Filipinas in the United States endure intense acts of domestic violence that are overlooked by civil and federal governments.

Around the world, women are bought, sold, and forced into prostitution because of the neglect and incapability of governments to protect and employ their women. In Darfur, Sudan, women and girls are sexually victimized under government-sponsored attacks, including abductions, rapes and kidnappings. In Mexico, Central America, and South Africa, women’s reproductive biological traits are used to exclude them from unionizing and obtaining fair worker benefits.

As a direct result of the conditions under which women are experiencing oppression internationally, we are taking on these systemic injustices with arms linked and fists raised. Lost are the fears of naiveté and hesitancy, women all over the world are organizing their communities, struggling and fighting to find resolutions to their situations. The international women’s movement is strikingly resilient despite the relentless offensives taken against the well-being and human right of women.

babae denounces any and every human rights violations against women internationally. Our practice reflects the growing strength of the international women’s movement. Finally, we stand in solidarity with women all over the globe who are fighting for women’s emancipation.

Long live international solidarity!
Continue the struggle for women’s liberation!
Rise up against Imperialism!
Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Valerie Francisco, Mass Campaigns Officer, babae San Francisco, Email:,

[Message from Liza Maza] With or Without Proclamation 1017, Stop Political Persecution of Partylists now!

In reaction to today’s lifting of Proclamation #1017, Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Largoza Maza said that the political persecution of progressive Partylist solons should stop and that Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran be released immediately.

“If indeed times are back to normal, threats to our life and liberties, the crackdown of our leaders should stop, so should DOJ secretary Raul Gonzales and National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales be censured for threatening that crackdowns will continue against our leaders and members. Otherwise, Mrs. Arroyo’s lifting of this Draconian measure is as fake as her presidency.” Maza said.

She also demanded that Executive Order #464 and the Calibrated Pre-Emptive Response be revoked.

According to Maza, there should be no accolade for Mrs. Arroyo for the lifting of Proclamation 1017, nor should people be fooled that the President had a change of heart towards critics and organizations opposed to her. “We have no illusions that her policy against critics and the opposition will change.”

Maza said, “Her statement today came with a veiled threat, that she will continue to use her powers against forces opposed to her rule.”

“Despite the lifting of Proclamation 1017, we must not fall silent. The people’s vigilance and militant opposition to all attempts to stifle legitimate expressions of dissent will continue.”

For Reference: REP. LIZA LARGOZA MAZA 0920-9134540 Tels: 9316268, 9315001 loc7230; Jang Monte (Public Information Officer) 0917-8226635

No stopping fight vs dictatorship of Arroyo PP 1017 too hot to handle

“Vigilance must be maintained”. This was the advice of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) as Arroyo withdrew PP 1017 this morning. “The revocation was done merely in words not in deeds. The attack on people’s rights will continue to intensify.”

According to Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog, National Chairperson of the KMU, “The rescinding of PP 1017 shall be used as a veil to obfuscate the intensifying suppression of the people’s democratic, civil and political rights. By labeling the dissenters as ‘destabilizers’, it’s a go signal for attack. Even though Arroyo declared the revocation of PP 1017, warrantless arrest and summary executions of activists remains.”

Labog said Arroyo’s lifting of the State of National Emergency was done because “it was too hot to handle” as militants, media, lawyers, lawmakers and the rest of the nation bonded versus the Marcosian tactics.

Labog noted the report on DZMM that Arroyo use funds of the GSIS to infuse money on the stock market to make it bullish and create a positive outlook of the market on the PP 1017. “Another clear manipulation to perpetuate her stay in the Palace,” said Labog.

The Department of Justice made it clear that crackdown on political opposition will continue, as Rep. Crispin Beltran remained in detention on trumped up charges of rebellion and inciting to sedition. “How can service to the people, as exemplified by KMU Chairman Emeritus Ka Bel, and recognized by Congress by making him Congressman of the year for four consecutive years, be labeled as rebellious,” opined Labog.

One-party rule in the making

Meanwhile, Labog noted the start of a one-party rule under Arroyo. “Atienza’s coup on the Liberal Party was clearly orchestrated by Arroyo and Mike Defensor. Arroyo’s wants to maintain her grip on power by attacking the political parties opposed to her. Arroyo’s is already consolidating power as election season is in the air,” said Labog.

Labog said that Arroyo will do everything to remain seated in Malacañang. “Like a rabid dog, she will attack anyone who will express dissent to her rule. Even Ka Bel who is already 73 years old and suffering from hypertension will not be spared,” stated Labog.

Yesterday, Ka Bel was rushed to the hospital due to hypertension, affirming the fear of the family and supporters of the Anakpawis Partylist Representative. “We are reiterating our demand that Ka Bel be removed from Camp Crame and be brought to the Philippine Heart Center before his medical condition becomes even worse,” ended Labog. ###

Arroyo “Lifts” 1017 by People’s Demand; But De Facto Martial Law Still In Practice, Protests Won’t Stop

While news of Malacanang’s so-called lifting of Presidential Proclamation 1017 has reached the United States, Filipino-Americans and U.S. allies are not swallowing it.

“Proclamation 1017 was a major violation on Arroyo’s part and she felt the popular condemnation of the people as soon as she issued it. In fact, it has made her even more unpopular as the protest actions on the streets increased because of it. Now she is calling for a lift to merely save her own skin. But the de facto martial law policies and laws she has been pushing all this time against the people are still in place. The repression is still intact. The people’s call for Arroyo’s ouster will continue,” stated BAYAN USA chair Kawal Ulanday.

Ulanday affirmed Filipino groups and American allies under BAYAN USA will not lessen their resolve to launch US-based actions and build popular support for Arroyo’s ouster and the establishment of a transition council in her place.

“The lifting of PP 1017 is a testament to the power of the Filipino people who did not bog down even when it was declared,” he stated.

He also reiterated the Filipino-American alliance’s demand for a full release of political detainees Crispin Beltran of Anakpawis party list, Joel Virador of Bayan Muna, Dennis Maga of the Gloria Step Down Movement, and many others who were unjustly arrested days after PP 1017 was declared.

“Arroyo’s targeting of progressive party list leaders and opposition leaders is obviously not ceasing either, proving her sentiments with this so-called lift are completely insincere,” Ulanday continued.

BAYAN USA pointed the aggressive implementation of the Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) by military and police forces against peaceful assemblies in public are also not backing down in tandem with the supposed lift.

“Five years of damage by the Arroyo administration has been done. Since her ascendance into office in 2001, Arroyo has become the country’s most infamous anti-patriot continuously working against the interest of the Filipino people and bowing down to the dictates of foreigners. The united movement of patriotic and peace-loving Filipinos on the streets is a force she cannot withstand. If she believes she can sustain her position just because of this lift she is in for a rude awakening,” Ulanday ended.

Kawal Ulanday, Chair, BAYAN USA, email:
Berna Ellorin, Media Officer, BAYAN USA, email: