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Relative of KMP leader killed!

References: Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos, secretary general, KMP
Carl Anthony Ala, public information officer

The militant Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) condemned the killing of Domingo Marbella, a peasant and a relative of KMP internal deputy secretary general, Ka Willy Marbella. Domingo Marbella is the 790th victim of extrajudicial killing.

According to Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos, secretary general of KMP, “Domingo was abducted by security forces at dawn last November 13, at his residence at Barangay Lungib, Pilar in Sorsogon, his body was found around 1pm yesterday in a coconut plantation in the same barangay. His body bore torture marks and he died from gunshot wounds. We believe that Domingo was killed because he is related to Ka Willy and that Domingo’s brother Sonny is being suspected by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to be a NPA member,”

“The government’s sick logic which is espoused by the butcher Jovito Palparan is that to be found in the company or to be associated with NPA members or members of militant organizations is to court harm and mayhem. They do not differentiate between armed from unarmed or civilians from combatants, their mentality always is to kill them all,” added Ramos.

Meanwhile Ka Willy Marbella, said that “the killings are so rampant and coordinated that they are murdering peasants end to end. Last week it was Ka Joey Javier of Baggao, Cagayan now it is Domeng of Sorsogon. The pattern here is obvious when the AFP’s death squads make a hit in the Northern provinces like Cagayan, its next operation would be Bicol or a part of Visayas. If its last killing was in Central Luzon then the next one would be in Mindanao. There is an evident pattern in their madness and it cannot be denied that it is very systematic,”

“This regime is so callous that it does not even heed our overwhelming cry and that of international community as well as foreign businessmen to STOP THE KILLINGS! We will not rest until justice is achieved for Domeng and all the victims of political killings. We will expose all those behind this and ensure that they are punished.” ended the peasant leader. # # #

City of San Francisco to join international call for end to political killings in the Philippines

Contact: Princess Bustos, League of Filipino Students

Resolution Introduced Urging Mayor Gavin Newsom to Deliver San Franciscans Condemnation of Human Rights Crisis to Philippine President on His Upcoming Trip to the Philippines

San Francisco, CA–This past Tuesday, November 14, San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduced a resolution condemning rampant political killings in the Philippines. The resolution comes just one week before Mayor Newsom heads a delegation of the San Francisco-Manila Sister Cities Committee to the Philippines.

If passed, this resolution would be the first declaration of policy by a major U.S. City legislature to condemn the political killings and call on GMA to allow for an independent investigation.

“This resolution is in keeping with San Francisco’s long established reputation as a City that not only upholds the civil and human rights of our diverse communities but also as a City that stands up against human rights violations taking place in other parts of the world” says Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, the principal sponsor of the legislation.

There have been more than 765 political killings during President Arroyo’s 5 year term. In 2006 alone, there has been an average of 1 killing every 4 days taking the lives of priests, labor leaders, student organizers and others who have been outspoken critics of the Arroyo administration. In San Francisco, a city with more than 40,000 Filipino residents, these abuses hit close to home.

The resolution comes at the heels of recent statements made by U.S. based companies and retail giants against the atrocities being committed under GMA’s administration. In a letter to President Macapagal-Arroyo co-signed by San Francisco based GAP Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility, the U.S. business executives stated that “NGO’s should be able to express their views and carry out their legitimate role freely and without fear of violence. It is important that we and other companies doing business in the Philippines remain confident in the government’s commitment to freedom of expression, freedom of association and the rule of law.”

“This resolution would be an important contribution to the increasing international pressure for President Arroyo’s accountability in over 765 political killings that have taken place during her administration,” said Princess Bustos, Chairperson of the League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University.

The League of Filipino Students-San Francisco State University, the main proponent of the resolution, has been working to raise awareness about the worsening human rights crisis in the Philippines. This past summer, the student group led a delegation of over a dozen Bay Area students and educators to conduct a fact-finding mission on the killings. One of the student leaders they were supposed to meet was Reimon Guran, an LFS member at Aquinas University in Albay. However, a few days before their arrival, Reimon was killed while riding a bus by still unidentified assailants who shot him several times in the face.

“It is no coincidence that most of the victims are those who have been outspoken critics against Gloria’s election fraud, corruption, and human rights violations. Mayor Newsom’s visit to the Philippines is an opportunity for our City to convey to Gloria our strong condemnation of the killings which is widely believed to be committed by military agents under her command,” said Princess Bustos. ###

Statement and urgent call to action: Justice for Nicole!

Contact: Valerie Francisco

One year after the alleged rape of “Nicole” by four United States (US) servicemen, the Subic Rape Case still awaits a verdict. Nicole—a court appointed pseudonym—and her family have been through four painstaking months of hearings, doctored evidence, and contradictory testimonies. The trial has transformed into a dubious and untrustworthy situation because of underhanded alliances between governmental parties, and both, defense and prosecution parties. Simply, Nicole’s rape has yet to see justice.

Currently, the presence of US troops in the Philippines under the Visitors Forces Agreement (VFA) authorizes US military involvement in training and war exercises. It is in these “temporary periods” that an increase of prostitution of women and children living in and around US military bases. VFA, an agreement complicit with US military interests, protects US servicemen from particular crimes they commit in the Philippines. Simultaneously, the VFA and US military occupation in the Philippines endanger Filipino women and children in regards to sexualized crimes (i.e. rape, prostitution).

Nicole’s rape is a landmark case. It is the first sexualized crime committed by US military servicemen against a Filipina victim to be considered under legal constructs. Nicole represents all Filipino women and children, historically and currently, victimized by the US military presence in the Philippines. To add, the struggle for justice for many Nicoles—any victims of US military sexual violence and discrimination across the globe—Is represented by this case.

We understand the connection between the sexual crimes as a result of militarization in the Philippines and the sexual crimes as a result of militarization in other occupied lands and countries. We connect Nicole’s case to the unequal gender relations that engender violence and inequality for women here in the US. We understand the connection between these crimes of militarization in the Philippines and the increasing rate of human and sex trafficking of Filipino women in New York City. We must then question the inherent flaws in a capitalist and imperialist system that continuously victimizes women and allows for these conditions.

We ask you to join us at this critical time to stand in solidarity with us. We are working to unite our allies to show solidarity with the upcoming verdict of the Nicole rape case. The mounting united international pressure on the Philippine government and courts is felt in the Philippines. We will no longer wait for justice, rather, we will act upon it. BAYAN-USA is convening at 5:30pm in front of the military recruitment office at Times Square (US Army Recruiting Station Times Square, 714 7th Avenue New York City, NY ). A program with speakers and more information about this issue will be available. This action is coordinated with Filipino women nationally and internationally speaking out against the injustice against Nicole and other women victimized by US militarization around the world.

Justice for Nicole!
Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement!
End violence against women!
Stop U.S. military aid to the Philippines!

US electorate deals a serious blow on Bush regime as Democrats take over US Congress from Republicans

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

The US electorate has held the Bush regime responsible for its disastrous policies and actions and has dealt it a serious political blow by giving to the Democratic Party control over the House of Representatives and the Senate. Bush is not just a lame duck president for being on the last two years of his second term. He is likely to be a dead duck if the Democrats follow the American people’s expectations that Bush and Cheney .be impeached and convicted for their high crimes.

The Bush regime is culpable for so many exposed cases of corruption, the use of the anti-terrorist hysteria to engage in wars of aggression and to attack civil and political rights in the US and worldwide, the increasing human and material costs of the war in Iraq for the benefit of the US war profiteers, capital growth of big business through tax exemptions and overpriced state contracts and the drastic decline of regular employment and income for the workers and middle class.

The Democrats are generally and basically of the same imperialist stripe as the Republicans in Congress. They cannot be expected to make any change of policy that would overturn monopoly capitalism. But if they aim to win the 2008 presidential elections, they have to work hard to win the imperialist infighting and to put Bush and his kind in a corner in two ways.

One way is for the House of Representatives to investigate and impeach Bush and Cheney for the high crimes that they have committed. The Democrats have the number in Congress to impeach them as well as the number in the Senate to try and sentence them. If the Democrats fail to act on the impeachable crimes of Bush and Cheney, they will squander their current gains, beat themselves and earn the ire of the American people.

Another way is for the Democrats to pass bills which would reverse the Bush regime’s extremely wrong acts of commission and omission against the American people. Bush would threaten to veto or actually veto the bills and thus place himself in a more untenable position than before. In view of the clear wishes of the people, he is in no position to use his veto power in order to have his way or compel bipartisan compromises in his favor, unless too many muddleheads and softheads among the Democrats lose sight of 2008.

The Democrats can put the two ways mentioned above into play at the same time to cut down and place Bush in his proper place and more importantly to set aright the wrongs committed by him. But they can play both ways effectively only if the principal way is the impeachment and possible conviction of Bush and Cheney and the secondary way is legislative action to expose and reverse the continuing wrong course of Bush et al.

The Democrats would discredit themselves and dissipate their current advantage soon enough if they do not pursue the investigation and impeachment of Bush and Cheney on flagrant high crimes like the following:

1. The lies (especially those claims about weapons of mass destruction and connections with al Qaeda) and dirty tricks (demolition of dissenters within the US government) to push through the war of aggression against Iraq,

2. The connivance of the regime with giant US firms in corruption and profiteering from Iraqi oil resources, military contracts for weapons and other supplies, privatization of military functions and so-called reconstruction work in Iraq.

3. The systematic attacks on the civil and political rights on individuals, groups and people in the US and abroad in the name of a permanent and preemptive war on terror.

Bush is now a big loser in the US midterm elections, more because the people hate his wrong policies and actions than because they love the Democrats. If the Democrats betray the expectations of the people, they would soon be seen as being at par with or as collaborators of Bush in the persistence of policies and actions detrimental to the people of the US and abroad. They would have to blame only themselves if they botched up their chances for the presidential elections in 2008. ###