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July 22-23 BAYAN USA Joins MALAYA Movement’s United People’s SONA Actions in the USA

BAYAN USA will be joining the Malaya Movement United People’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) Actions across the U.S. making the call that originated from the Philippines an international response! We call on all people fighting against the violent macho- fascist US-Duterte regime to join us in standing up for human rights, national sovereignty, and defending democracy in the United People’s SONA!

The US-Duterte regime has angered more and more people as he continues his tyranny, violent fascism, and rise towards a full fledged dictatorship!
There are more than 20,000 killings under his Deadly Drug War. Stop the Killings NOW!
More than 400,000 displaced people especially Lumad under Martial Law in Mindanao. END Martial Law in Mindanao NOW! 
Duterte’s push for CHA-CHA or the attempt to change the Philippine Constitution will only extend his Presidential term along with further liberalizing the economy and allowing more foreign ownership. We must FIGHT for a truly Independent Philippines free from U.S. imperialism and China’s economic and military intervention and occupation of Philippine Islands! National Industrialization for a self-sustaining Philippines and jobs for Filipinos!
END CONTRACTUALIZATION! Demand better working conditions, benefits, and wages for all workers!

DERAIL the TRAIN Law that has only increased the taxes on the poor, while giving tax breaks to the top 40% of the richest population and corporations. In effect it has already burdened the majority of people due an increase in the cost of commodities. 

Duterte’s MACHO-FASCISM must go! Duterte is promoting a violent and misogynistic culture that must be dismantled and destroyed. #BabaeAko

The United People’s SONA shows the growing strength of a broad people’s movement against the US-Duterte regime.  The steady decline in Duterte’s popularity also shows that the people are on the side of justice, democracy, and basic human rights. The fate of the Philippines is in the hands of the people to disrupt Duterte’s path of tyranny and fascism, and to build a better society for the benefit of the majority of the population.

Struggle for Philippine Sovereignty and Democracy, Denounce the Betrayal of the US-Duterte Regime!


Struggle for Philippine Sovereignty and Democracy, Denounce the Betrayal of the US-Duterte Regime!


On the 120th anniversary of the victorious Philippine revolution against more than three centuries of brutal colonial rule under Spain– the first anti-colonial revolution in Asia against a Western superpower–  BAYAN-USA joins the broad masses of everyday Filipinos bearing the brunt of the crisis-ridden Philippine economic and political system in fighting for an end to our nation’s subservience to the dictates of foreign superpowers over the democratic interests of the Filipino people. Contrary to its original promises, the US-backed Duterte regime has only intensified this crisis and must be exposed for the traitorous liar it really is.

BAYAN-USA joins the worldwide condemnation of the Duterte regime for its gross human rights violations against the Filipino people, including more than 20,000 dead from extrajudicial killings; its abuse of executive powers and fascist acts against democratic institutions; and its abhorrent display of misogyny and male chauvinism among other things. But perhaps the greatest betrayal of the people’s aspirations for sovereignty has been Duterte’s moves to further open up the Philippine economy, as well as land and sea territories, to the unbridled economic interests of both the US and China, as well as tightening the stranglehold of US military presence in the country.

While the Philippines is the 5th most mineral rich country in the world– with over $1 trillion in untapped natural wealth in Mindanao alone– the majority of Filipinos still live in abject poverty and hunger. Sixty percent of Filipino households live under $2 a day. The dearth of viable jobs forces over 6,000 Filipinos to leave the country daily in search of work abroad. Those who stay are hit with excessive taxes which go to the pockets of the rich instead of services for the masses. The socio-economic crisis suffered by the Filipino people has reached new heights as Duterte continues to cling onto the neoliberal economic policies of his predecessors, proving he is not an agent of change but in fact a proponent of the status quo– the rule of reactionary traditional politicians who have kept the country mired in semi-feudal, semi-colonial purgatory, chained to a bankrupt system that prevents genuine self-reliance and sustainable development for the benefit of its people.

In addition, Duterte has maintained martial law in all of Mindanao and threatens to extend martial law across the whole of the Philippines, claiming that there is “no difference actually between martial law and a declaration of national emergency.” He continues to cite “lawlessness” as an excuse to abuse his power and rise toward full-fledged dictatorship, when in actuality he is the criminal-in-chief committing rampant human rights violations against the people. Duterte’s streak of removing his opposition from any position of power is a move to consolidate control of the government in its totality.  

We join the Filipino people in struggling to continue the unfinished revolution of 1898, which sought the genuine national liberation of the Philippines from a colonial master. For this to be possible, the people must unite and struggle against the current rotten, fascist and murderous traitor in Malacanang, just as the Filipino people did back in 1986, and again in 2001.

It is clear from our history that change is not borne from presidents or leaders, but from arduous and valiant people’s struggle, which is the real legacy of the Philippine revolution to be celebrated today.

#HINDIpendence Day Action in the Philippines


One Year of Martial Law in Mindanao: In the Face of Duterte’s violent attacks, the People’s Resistance Grows Stronger

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One Year of Martial Law in Mindanao: In the Face of Duterte’s violent attacks, the People’s Resistance Grows Stronger

May 23rd, 2018 marks one year that martial law in Mindanao was declared by Duterte under the guise of fighting terrorism, in line with his U.S. master’s “War on Terror.” Despite Duterte claiming victory in Marawi City against the Maute group  in October 2017, the regime has kept martial law in full effect, to continue violent political repression across the whole island. The impacts on the Filipino people have now been amplified with the start of the U.S.-Philippines Balikatan exercises this month, for which Duterte has welcomed more than 8,000 U.S. and Philippine troops to conduct war exercises and training side by side. BAYAN-USA calls for the immediate lifting of martial law in Mindanao and an end to U.S. imperialism in the Philippines!   

Mindanao is one of the largest and most strategically situated and resource-rich islands of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines. It is home to the largest concentration of Bangsamoro people asserting their right to self-determination in the country, as well as a stronghold of the Provisional Revolutionary Government represented by the National Democratic Front (NDF), which is waging a revolution for national democracy. Well aware of this, Duterte has continued martial law in an attempt to impose his power against his strongest opposition. Far from succeeding in crushing the opposition, Duterte’s tyrannical rule has instead driven nearly half a million people from their homes in Marawi and indigenous communities throughout Mindanao, subjected children and families to the occupation of their schools and residences, imprisoned hundreds of activists on trumped up charges, and killed dozens of peasants, farmers and Lumad organizers.

Duterte’s maneuvers towards dictatorship are becoming more and more evident, with the recent forced removal of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno–a critic of Duterte’s Drug War–now consolidating his control over all three branches of government. This comes on the heels of the U.S.-Duterte regime’s declaration of a ludicrous “terror list” of 600 people including priests and other faith leaders, a U.N. special rapporteur, and former lawmakers. Duterte’s troll army, attacks on independent media outlets like Rappler, and media blackout continue to be used to control public opinion and propagate a false sense of his popularity. Time magazine recognized Duterte as one of the “strongmen” profiled in their front page story “Rise of the Strongman,” alongside Vladimir Putin and Viktor Oban. Duterte’s self interest in gaining more power and extending his presidency has been his number one objective since he came into power, at the expense of the Filipino people he is supposed to serve.

In the face of Duterte’s vicious attacks, the people’s resistance only grows stronger.

BAYAN-USA calls on all member organizations, allies, and advocates to take a stand against Duterte’s dirty wars against the people. Stand up to defend human rights and democracy, and demand an immediate lift of martial law in Mindanao! Take action in the streets! Hold community forums! Join the phone barrage by MALAYA: U.S. Movement Against Killings and Dictatorship, and for Democracy in the Philippines!


Lift Martial Law in Mindanao NOW!

Stop the Killings in the Philippines!

Resist the Crackdown on Activists!



Jerome Aba Tells His Truth, While Uncovering CBP Lies

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Jessica Antonio, Secretary General, BAYAN-USA,

May 7, 2018

BAYAN-USA joins Jerome Aba’s demand for an investigation into his detainment and torture at the hands of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agents last April 17-19 at the San Francisco International Airport. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its agents in the CBP must be held accountable for what they did to Jerome. Moreover, Jerome’s experience raises serious questions about the treatment of all detainees while in CBP custody and fits the despicable trend of the use of migration policies and border enforcement tactics to repress activism and terrorize the masses. We must continue to expose what happened to Jerome on U.S. soil and reveal the inconsistent and false comments and statements made by the DHS and CBP.

Aba was detained for 28 hours, held incommunicado and treated as an “enemy combatant” by CBP officers who repeatedly questioned him about his political activity and human rights advocacy all while denying Aba access to a lawyer. These are facts that even the CBP eventually has admitted. However, at the time Jerome was detained, the CBP commented to media that his detainment and removal back to the Philippines was due to an “unspecified problem with his visa — which is relatively common — and said that foreign nationals do not typically have access to an attorney until after they’ve been allowed entry.” They also stated that “U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not consider country of origin or human rights activism to be determining factors for admissibility.”

After Aba held a press conference in the Philippines and gave his own account of the psychological and physical torture that happened to him behind closed doors, the CBP continued to repeat its canned line about treating all travelers with “dignity and respect” and deny any allegations of torture or religious discrimination. It was only after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution to investigate the treatment of Jerome and condemning the inhumane treatment of detainees at SFO, that the CBP changed its public story and cited “Aba’s connection to individuals within terrorist networks” as its reason for detaining and denying entry to Aba.  

BAYAN-USA condemns the CBP’s cover-up and its malicious accusations about Aba.  Not only does this behavior match the agency’s history of abusing people in its custody and attempting to cover it up, but it also demonstrates the collusion between the US and Duterte regime in criminalizing human rights defenders.

There is absolutely no doubt that Jerome Succor Aba was targeted because he is a Moro-Muslim activist from Mindanao, Philippines. Had Aba been allowed to take part in the nationwide Stop the Killings Speaking Tour in the U.S., his public testimony would have exposed the human rights violations of the U.S. and Philippine governments working hand-in-hand in the Philippines, especially under the current political state of martial law in Mindanao.  Obviously, the CBP is trying to cover up what happened to Jerome in an attempt to silence Jerome and the movement for genuine, lasting peace and justice in the Philippines.

BAYAN-USA denounces this dangerous increase in fascist tactics used by both Presidents Trump and Duterte to suppress opposition.  BAYAN-USA calls on all communities fighting for human rights to stand with Jerome Aba’s fight for justice.  We must rise together to demand accountability from the DHS and CBP through an independent investigation into Jerome’s treatment as well as the treatment of all detainees in the custody of the DHS and their agents.  We must defend our right to organize against these fascist Presidents by building a broad anti-imperialist movement that will shake the foundations of imperialism and take back the rights that belong to the people.