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Reject Duterte the Traitor for Pledging Allegiance to China Defend Philippine Sovereignty in the Face of Chinese Military Aggression!

For Immediate Release

July 12, 2019

Contact: Rhonda Ramiro,

Reject Duterte the Traitor for Pledging Allegiance to China

Defend Philippine Sovereignty in the Face of Chinese Military Aggression!

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the historic ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the maritime case declaring China’s 9-dash line claim as illegal and instead ruling in favor of the Philippines’ sovereign rights to the West Philippine Sea.  The case of Philippines vs. China was taken to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) in order to settle the territorial dispute peacefully, yet China has refused to accept the ruling and is choosing instead to further occupy, exploit, and militarize the West Philippine Sea.

Claiming the West Philippine Sea

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the West Philippine Sea is one of the busiest shipping trade routes in the world and contains incredible natural wealth estimated to contain 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 11 billion barrels of oil. China has illegally claimed 100% of the West Philippine Sea, which includes the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Philippines, an area 200 nautical miles from the Philippines coast.  The tribunal victory for the Philippines clarified that the Philippines has exclusive rights to fish in its own territory. 

Despite all this, China has ignored the ruling and has gone so far as to aggressively conduct massive land reclamation and create artificial islands equipped with military runways and facilities.  The consequence has been devastating environmental destruction due to seafloor dredging, giant clam harvesting, and widespread poaching of marine life. The court ruling acknowledged China had severely damaged 48 square miles of the Greater Spratly islands, which researchers estimate the Philippines could be owed upwards to $200 million alone for rent and damages.

Abandoning the Filipino People

In June, Duterte was caught in utter silence when 22 Filipino fisherman were left stranded one evening at sea after a Chinese vessel collided and destroyed their boat only to be rescued hours later by a Vietnamese boat.  Additionally, there have been numerous cases of Filipino fisherman and media facing harassment, surveillance, and theft at the hands of Chinese military and fishermen.  Duterte’s delayed and passive response belittled the incident as a “little maritime incident,” while the Filipino fishermen cry out for justice in the face of losing their source of livelihood and survival.   

“Duterte has turned his back on the Filipino people who are justifiably upset about China’s encroachment of the West Philippine Sea, including Recto Bank,” said Nikole Cababa Secretary General of BAYAN USA.  “If the Philippines’ natural resources were actually protected and used to serve the needs of the Filipino people, particularly the most

 poor and oppressed, then we could lift millions out of poverty and homelessness, and millions wouldn’t be forced to migrate abroad in s

earch of livelihood. Instead, we have a puppet president bending backwards to sell our resources and serve his foreign masters in a desperate move to stay in power.  But the people will not back down from this fight despite Duterte’s spineless maneuvers.”


Atin Ang Pinas! China Layas!

We must stand with Filipino fishermen and the Filipino people demanding the Duterte regime uphold Philippine sovereignty and not be bullied by China. We demand China pay for the environmental destruction and damages made to our precious reefs and territory. Cababa continued, “We hold President Duterte accountable for his irresponsible and traitorous stance on China, and we demand he step down or face the power of the people to replace him.”  It is the responsibility of the Philippine government to promote independent foreign policies and to protect the natural resources and interests of the Filipino people.

We call on the Filipino community and allies to take action on July 12th to commemorate this tribunal victory, and join us to hold a United People’s State of the Nation Address on July 22nd to expose Duterte’s failures and continue the fight for national independence and genuine democracy in the Philippines. 


China Layas! Hands Off the Philippines!

Atin Ang Pinas!  Assert Sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea!

Independent Foreign Policy Now!



BAYAN-USA is an alliance of 29 progressive Filipino organizations in the U.S. representing students, scholars, women, workers, artists, and youth. As the first and largest international chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-Philippines), BAYAN-USA serves as an information bureau for the national democratic movement of the Philippines and as a center for educating, organizing, and mobilizing anti-imperialist and progressive Filipinos in the U.S. For more information, visit


United People’s State of the Nation Address – July 22

On Monday, July 22nd, hundreds will gather in Washington D.C. 
to protest the US-Duterte regime for it’s crimes against the Filipino people.  
The fascist Trump administration continues to fully support the Duterte regime ($193 million in 2018 alone), while carrying out its bloody drug war on the poor, Martial law in Mindanao, and counter-insurgency war on the revolutionary movement in the Philippines. With more than 30,000 extrajudicial killings, 532 political prisoners, and at least 56 Philippine National Police officers involved in abusing women, the US-Duterte regime continues its state repression and terror against the people.
Tama Na! Enough is Enough! 
The US-Duterte regime is guilty of daily gross human rights violations and now is the time to take action and amplify the call to 
stop US intervention in the Philippines and all across the globe.
We will then MARCH to the Philippine Embassy to join the Malaya Movement Action that will start at 12:30PM
[Actions will be held across the United States- see full list below]

BAYAN USA Condemns Duterte’s Counterinsurgency Propaganda Tour of Lumad Dealers, MIPCEL

For Immediate Release

July 7, 2019

Contact: Rhonda Ramiro,







BAYAN USA condemns to the utmost extent the speaking tour of the disingenuous Mindanao Indigenous People’s Council of Elders (MIPCEL) that is traveling the US to vilify community groups and progressive organizations that support the indigenous Lumad fight for self-determination. This treacherous tour must be exposed and opposed as an extension of the US-Duterte counterinsurgency efforts to obscure the fascist, dictatorial nature of the US-Duterte regime by blaming the human rights crisis on the people’s movement.

With stops in cities throughout the United States like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, MIPCEL is meeting with organizations and institutions like the United Nations to terrorist-tag alternative Lumad schools and progressive organizations—including BAYAN and member organizations like Anakbayan and Gabriela. The tour unsurprisingly coincides with the vote of the United Nations Human Rights Council to launch an independent investigation into the human rights violations in the Philippines. This smear campaign is a desperate attempt to discredit the mass movement both in the Philippines and the United States at a time when diplomatic isolation of the US-Duterte regime is gaining strength. 

MIPCEL, formerly known as the Mindanao Indigenous People’s Conference for Peace and Development (MIPCPD), is a self-proclaimed “umbrella group” of pro-government Lumad that unleashes divide-and-conquer tactics against their own communities. Formed in 2003, the group has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Eastern Mindanao Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and is tasked to deceive Lumad communities into collaborating with the AFP. MIPCEL serves as a contract negotiator between local tribes and private business, deceiving Lumad into signing away their ancestral domain. They also promote the recruitment of indigenous people into paramilitary groups like the Alamara in Talaingod and the Magahat-Bagani in Caraga. These paramilitary groups are armed and trained by the AFP to terrorize and displace fellow Lumad in order to seize their land and clear the path for foreign corporations and big business. Members of the MIPCEL touring the US are themselves associated with the paramilitary groups committing human rights violations against the Lumad.

Counter to the lies being spread by the MIPCEL tour, the true terrorist plaguing Lumad communities with decades of forcible displacement, illegal occupation, food blockades, murderous rampages and land grabbing as part of US-patterned counterinsurgency operations is the Philippine government. Bastardized calls for “peace” through terrorist-tagging and manipulation by MIPCEL and AFP have only brought bloodshed and terror to Lumad communities. Under Duterte’s administration alone, more than 400,000 indigenous people have been displaced in Mindanao under martial law on top of the rampant human rights violations and extrajudicial killings happening throughout the entire country.

The community groups that MIPCEL was designed to quell are righteously asserting the Lumad right to education, ancestral domain and self-determination. The reactionary MIPCEL tour parallels the many tours that progressive groups have successfully organized to raise awareness on the plight of the Lumad such as the annual Manilakbayans from Mindanao to Malacañang and the Lakbay Lumad in the US in 2016. Around the world, governments and institutions are rising up in solidarity with community leaders and local activists to condemn the US-Duterte regime for its atrocities against the Filipino people and 28 nations have already endorsed a resolution calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to investigate the human rights situation in the Philippines. 

The surging people’s movement will not be deceived or subdued by these orchestrated attempts to confuse the international community from recognizing the atrocities of the US-Duterte regime. These efforts only prove the righteousness of resistance and amplify the international furor against the Duterte administration. The days of the rotten Philippine state are numbered, and more so are those of Duterte in office. We stand with the Lumad people and all organizations that support their true aspirations for self-determination. We struggle for the unity and liberation of the Lumad people—and the liberation of the entire Philippine nation.







BAYAN-USA is an alliance of over 29 progressive Filipino organizations in the U.S. representing students, scholars, women, workers, artists, and youth. As the first and largest international chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-Philippines), BAYAN-USA serves as an information bureau for the national democratic movement of the Philippines and as a center for educating, organizing, and mobilizing anti-imperialist and progressive Filipinos in the U.S. 


For Immediate Release

June 12, 2019

Contact: Rhonda Ramiro,


Today, June 12th, marks the anniversary of the Philippine revolution winning independence from Spain after over 300 years of colonial rule.  A historical victory of the Filipino people that should be celebrated, however if we continue down the road of Philippine history it will also mention that this Philippine independence was short lived due to the US engaging in the Philippine-American war immediately after and inserting themselves as the new colonial power. When the US granted nominal independence to the Philippines on July 4, 1946, US colonialism transformed into U.S. imperialism, as the Philippines became a neocolony with puppet regimes doing the bidding to uphold U.S. interests and US military presence to this day. And now, China as a rising superpower has expanded it’s control over the Philippine economy and West Philippine Sea.  Therefore, we raise the question, is the Philippines truly free and independent from foreign intervention?


The Philippines continues to be an export-oriented, import-dependent nation with a backwards economy largely dominated by foreign multi-national corporations and their lap dogs, namely the ruling elite and big business owners benefiting from the unequal trade agreements.  Last November, Duterte signed 29 agreements with Chinese President Xi Jinping to secure funding for his “Build Build Build” program and plunge the Philippine economy into an even deeper debt trap. The flooding of Chinese investments and loans with strings attached have been met with protest due to the landgrabbing of mineral rich areas, the impact on indigenous people’s ancestral land, lopsided trade agreements, and Duterte silence on China’s aggressive occupation of the West Philippine Sea.  This year alone, there have been at least 600 Chinese ships (mainly navy, coast guard or naval militia) surrounding the Pagasa island and multiple cases of harassment of fisherfolk communities such as the 22 Filipino fishermen left at sea after a “hit and run” incident with a Chinese vessel.

Despite Duterte claiming to promote independent foreign policy, the Duterte regime has only continued unequal military policies and counter-insurgency programs such as Oplan Kapayapaan and Operation Pacific Eagle, that force the Philippines into a subservient position ultimately turning the entire nation into a US military base.  We demand an end to US military and police aid to the Philippines that amounted to $184.5 million in US tax dollars in 2018, as well as lop-sided agreements that protect US military interests such as the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).


We call on the Filipino people and solidarity allies across the United States to unite to hold mass actions on July 22nd, People’s State of the Nation Address in major cities and join the Washington D.C. National Day of Action, to amplify the call to oust Duterte for his subservience to foreign interests and continue the fight for genuine sovereignty in the face of imperialist powers such as the US and China.  We stand committed to the fight for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines which includes our demand for a pro-Filipino and independent foreign policy that protects the natural wealth of our motherland for the benefit of the majority of Filipino people.