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CALL TO ACTION | Down with US imperialism! Ban Trump! US troops out of the Philippines! | Nov 12-14, 2017

US President Donald Trump will be visiting the Philippines between November 12-14, 2017 for the first time. It will be one of many stops Trump has planned for his Asia Pacific tour as he participates in the Association of South East Asian Nations’ East Asia Summit (EAS), where leaders from 18 countries will be present– including China and Russia, US imperialism’s two main competitors–to discuss their plans for expanding neoliberal globalization and domination of the region. Underneath the summit table are trade wars, the US military pivot to Asia, aggressive expansion of China, warmongering on the Korean Peninsula, growing territorial tensions the East and South China Sea, and other local and regional issues.

To assert its own hegemony and contain China’s expansion, total defense spending of the
U.S. in the Asia-Pacific is forecast to hit US$533 billion per year by the end of the decade, up
from US$435 billion in 2015. The region will likely account for one in every three
dollars spent on defense by the early 2020s.

Meanwhile, embattled Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will host the East Asia Summit as he chairs the ASEAN on its 50th year. Amidst his fascist wars on the poor, martial law in Mindanao, and extra-judicial killings, Duterte will play out his precarious balancing act in foreign diplomacy, which to-date has amounted to placating to foreign interests including the U.S. and China. This is a time to voice out the people’s concerns — on the world stage. This is a time for international solidarity.

This is the time to say: Resist U.S. wars! Build peace!

Join the international Call to Action against Trump’s visit to the Philippines and Asia Pacific region, the neo-liberal agenda of the ASEAN and EAS, and towards building a movement of all people who support Philippine liberation and struggle for genuine independence from US imperialism! We say US GTFO of the Philippines!


  • Have your organization ENDORSE these days of actions by filling out this FORM
  • SIGN ON to the Unity Statement against Trump in the Philippines! (forthcoming)
  • DONATE to BAYAN’s People’s Caravan and Protest actions to confront Trump at Clark Airbase. They will need to buy tents, sleeping bags, etc. as they camp-out along the 2-day caravan. You can Venmo @BAYANUSA or donate to BAYAN USA
  • JOIN the Resist US-Led War Movement by signing on to the Manifesto
  • TAKE ACTION in the streets confronting the US military & economic pivot!




APIENC (API Equality – Northern California)

Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)



Asians 4 Black Lives

Association American Studies Graduate Student Association (UCLA AASGSA)

Catalyst Project

Chinatown Community for Equitable Development

Diwang Kabataan Tri City

Eclipse Rising

Filipino Advocates for Justice

Forward Together


The General Union of Palestine Students

Haiti Action Committee

HOBAK (Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans)

International Action Center

Korean Peace Alliance



MECHA at San Francisco State University

Migrante SoCal

National Lawyer’s Guild – SF Chapter

National Ecumenical-Interfaith Forum for Filipino Concerns

National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) – NorCal

Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA)

NJ State Industrial Union Council

The Oakland Law Collaborative


Students for Alternatives to Militarism- Stanford

Stanford Pilipino American Student Union

Stanford Asian American Activism Committee (SAAAC)

Students for Quality Education (SFSU)

Support committee for Korean prisoners of conscience in US

Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Socialist Action- Oakland


The League of Filipino Students- SFSU

The United People of Color Caucus of the NLG, SF Bay Area Chapter

Undoing Racism committee NJCU

Viet Unity LA

Workers World Party

Xicana Moratorium Coalition





Down with Duterte and Trump’s Fascism! The People Rise Up to Stop the Killings, End Martial Law, and Smash Fascism

Down with Duterte and Trump’s Fascism!

The People Rise Up to Stop the Killings, End Martial Law, and Smash Fascism

Duterte’s three dirty wars against the people have created a bloodbath in the Philippines. The drug war alone has claimed beyond 13,000 victims; add the civilian deaths under Oplan Kapayapaan’s counterinsurgency war and the so-called war on terror and Martial Law in Mindanao, and the numbers are continuing to grow. In just over one year, Duterte has already surpassed the recorded killings committed by his idol Marcos during his 14-year dictatorship. The death toll would only increase dramatically if Duterte decides to expand Martial Law to the entire country as announced by Defense Secretary Lorenzano recently. This September 21st marks the 45th anniversary of when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines and became a dictator for more than a decade.  BAYAN USA condemns the US-Duterte regime and its anti-people policies. We demand President Duterte to end Martial Law now and end his brutal wars against the poor. We call upon the people to rise up against his tyranny and fascism.

The increasing fascism around the world is evidence of the worsening crisis of the global capitalist system. Right after Duterte threatened to declare martial law upon the whole country if protests get too rowdy on September 21st, he then declared September 21st, not as a holiday but a National Day of Protest.  

“Duterte will say whatever serves his purpose, at any given time, rightist or leftist, because he’s an opportunist politician trying to hold on to whatever power he has left.” stated Bernadette Ellorin, BAYAN USA Chairperson.

The blatant disregard of both Trump and Duterte for their constituents have made them an enemy of the people.  Duterte’s “Punisher” style of rule and Trump’s open support to white supremacists give us no choice but to stand in solidarity with one another and fight back against fascism.  

“The people won’t allow Duterte to declare Martial Law across the whole country without a fight. We will never accept his tired old tactic of labeling legal protests as ‘terrorism’ to  justify the extension of Martial Law,” stated Ellorin.  “We also won’t let Trump attack immigrant communities with the rescission of DACA or deploy more troops to Afghanistan under the never-ending “War on Terror” without taking to the streets to demand an end to US wars of aggression and to smash fascism!”

BAYAN USA calls for genuine change to the rotten system of capitalism and pushes for a socialist solution of redistribution of the land and national industrialization in the Philippines to address the basic needs of the people.  Join us in these demands by participating in one of our many organizations across the country.





Stop the Killings! Justice for Kian! – BAYAN USA Video

Video by Romeo Hebron
In just one year, President Duterte’s War on Drugs has been responsible for over 12,000 killings in the Philippines, including women and children. Just last week, over 80 people were killed, making it the bloodiest week of Duterte’s Drug War. Among those murdered was 17 year old high school student Kian Loyd De Los Santos who was shot twice in the head. According to witness accounts and security camera footage, the four armed police officers who harassed Kian before murdering him found no evidence of drugs on him.
We join the international community in calling for an end to the Duterte regime’s war on the poor and to instead address the root causes of the drug problem – including poverty, landlessness, and joblessness.
Justice for Kian and all the victims of the Drug War
Stop the Killings! Stop the War on the Poor!
Jobs, Education, and Healthcare for the People!
#StopTheKillings #JusticeForKian

Justice for Kian!  Stop the Killings

To Download:

CASER – English Booklet – PDF Copy

CASER Booklet – Tagalog – PDF Copy Version

BAYAN-USA Condemns US Threat of Airstrikes in the Philippines

BAYAN-USA Condemns US Threat of Airstrikes in the Philippines

Yesterday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with President Duterte announcing continued U.S. military and intelligence support to the Philippines. The Pentagon is considering airstrikes on the people of Marawi, Philippines under the guise of waging the “war on terror” and preventing ISIS militants from establishing the Philippines as a launchpad for the spread of terrorism in Southeast Asia.

Let’s be honest. That’s bullshit.

Their stated intentions are lies. This is not a humanitarian mission to save lives. This is not an attempt to protect people or planet.

In reality, the U.S. is faking the threat of ISIS as a pretext for continued intervention and dominance over the Philippines. The intention is to protect U.S. imperialism’s trusty foothold in the Asia Pacific region, in order to maintain and expand its economic, political and military hegemony.                                                                           

Like Trump’s plummeting approval ratings, U.S. imperialism’s deception of the people is nosediving.  The people are sick of being told to eat the government’s austerity measures in order to feed the the bottomless budget of the war machine. The Trump regime wants a “successful” anti-terrorism mission to save its dying popularity and temporarily stoke narrow-minded patriotism.

Since May 23, aerial bombings by the Philippine military under the guise of fighting ISIS have already reduced Marawi to rubble, killed innocent civilians, driven over 400,000 to flee, and transformed the surrounding areas into refugee camps.  President Duterte’s declaration of martial law over the more than 20 million people in the entire island of Mindanao has already increased the human rights violations committed with impunity by state forces.  President Duterte’s martial law is coupled with his expanded counter-insurgency program patterned after the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide of 2009, casting a net on “threats to national security” to include grassroots activists fighting for justice and the New People’s Army waging a legitimate and internationally-recognized national liberation struggle. President Duterte’s acquiescence to U.S. intervention in Marawi has furthered the violation of Philippine sovereignty by U.S. forces and their drones and special operations.  A new aerial bombing mission by the U.S. will have disastrous consequences for the Philippines.

President Duterte must listen to the demands of the masses and block the U.S. from bombing our people. He must stand up to Trump’s vile warmongering and oppose the illegal conduct of military operations on Philippine territory.  President Duterte has the opportunity to live up to his early statements about breaking U.S. dominance of the Philippines. President Trump will make his first visit to the Philippines this November 10-14 as the 31st ASEAN summit will take place at Clark Field, Pampanga.  The Filipino people will never cease our fight to uphold Philippine sovereignty and end U.S. imperialist subjugation of our country and will show up in full force in opposition to the ASEAN summit and U.S. President Trump. Increased U.S. intervention will only stoke the Filipino people’s fire to end 119 years of American domination of our country.

On the heels of the “Solidarity & Fightback: Resisting US-Led War, Militarism and Neofascism Conference” in which over 250 people from 21 countries participated, BAYAN-USA calls on our friends in the growing movement for a just peace to join us in opposing U.S. threats of preemptive strikes on the people of Marawi.  We must fight side by side to rise up and resist against our common enemy, U.S. imperialism and its military aggression in all forms, in all places.