Month: January 2017

Defend the People and Get Organized Against Trump

For Immediate Release
January 30, 2017

Defend the People and Get Organized Against Trump!

U.S. President Donald Trump has not wasted any time in launching attacks against immigrants, refugees, women, and the working class. BAYAN USA strongly condemns Trump’s recent executive orders and joins people in cities across the US rising up to resist fascism.

Trump has aggressively pushed forward plans to steamroll the Dakota Access Pipeline, outlaw abortion and defund reproductive health services for women, eliminate access to affordable health coverage, strip federal funding from “sanctuary cities,” reinstate “black site” detention facilities, further militarize and expand the US-Mexico border, and place restrictions and ban certain refugees, immigrants, and Muslims from entering the U.S. The Trump administration has shown that it will use fascist means to enforce an imperialist agenda that promises to deepen cuts to social services and at the same time create super-profits for the elite who rely on neoliberal policies, state repression, and wars of aggression abroad to maintain its power.

This is only the beginning of an onslaught of attacks to further scapegoat already marginalized communities for the crisis big business, corporations, and the 1% have created. We should expect that Trump will seek to further intensify surveillance, mass incarceration, and militarization of local police, in an attempt to intimidate the people and preempt us from taking action.

In response to the immediate detention of Muslims and refugees at airports across the nation BAYAN USA organizations joined actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Washington DC and Seattle demanding for their justice and freedom. The people’s outcry for justice prevailed in Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago that authorities were forced to release the detainees. Members also joined actions in solidarity with the water defenders at Standing Rock and to oppose Trump’s plans to push the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines.

Repression Breeds Resistance

Trump has proven himself to be the racist, misogynist, anti-immigrant, fascist that he is and the people’s movement against the Trump presidency will only continue to grow. We will continue to educate, organize, and mobilize our communities to resist the Trump administration and its imperialist agenda. We welcome the millions that stepped into the streets in protest of Trump’s inauguration day and invite them to join our organizations. Let us join together to build an anti-imperialist movement against this fascist regime. We must strengthen our solidarity and forge strong alliances locally and internationally to launch sharp blows against monopoly capitalism. Only through organized resistance can we truly defend our communities from Trump’s malicious attacks and build a people’s movement for a brighter future.


ABLA at LAX (01.29.17)

Anakbayan Los Angeles joined the thousands at LAX on Sunday, January 29th, 2017, blocking off traffic to the airport for more than 2 hours.


Members of Anakbayan East Bay and GABRIELA San Francisco mobilized in San Francisco, CA in response to President Trump’s executive order to greenlight continued construction of both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. (Photo by Ryan Sin)

AB and GAB SF at SFO action

Members of BAYAN USA organizations and allies joined thousands in San Francisco on Saturday in a successful action that led to the release of the 5 travelers detained at SFO.

In New York, BAYAN USA and ILPS-US organizations mobilized a contingent at anti-Trump protests at Battery Park in Manhattan.


For nearly 12 hours, protesters gathered at SeaTac, only to be met with arrests and pepper spray from the police and airport security. Photo was taken from the vantage of Robert Gavino, Anakbayan Seattle Solidarity Officer, who joined other Anakbayan Seattle and GABRIELA Seattle members in demanding the release of the detainees.

BAYAN-USA Mobilizes #FilipinosAgainstTrump and Joins Millions of People Protesting Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the U.S.


For Immediate Release

January 23, 2017

Reference: Rhonda Ramiro, BAYAN-USA Vice Chair,

BAYAN-USA Mobilizes #FilipinosAgainstTrump and Joins Millions of People Protesting Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the U.S.

In the largest demonstrations the US has seen in decades, BAYAN-USA led contingents of Filipinos and allies in two days of actions in 10 regions of the country to denounce the inauguration of U.S. imperialism’s new commander in chief, Donald J. Trump.  

Speaking to hundreds of thousands of demonstrators during the January 20 Inauguration protests and the January 21 Women’s Marches, BAYAN-USA protesters rallied communities to forge a unified resistance to the increased fascism, racism, Islamophobia, sexism and homophobia promised under the new Trump regime.  Speakers also pushed for the building of the broad anti-imperialist movement within the U.S. as the only way to ultimately defeat the militarism and exploitation inherent to capitalism. At the same time, speakers urged the crowds to support social and national liberation struggles worldwide that are lighting the way toward a brighter alternative society that values people and the planet over profit. Specific calls made by BAYAN-USA included the defense of Filipino and other immigrant communities from Trump’s threats of mass deportation, as well as for the U.S. to withdraw its military from the Philippines and stop using the Philippines as a pawn in its power play with China.

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, BAYAN-USA’s Secretary General Jessica Antonio also joined the protest organized by BAYAN in front of the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines.  Antonio addressed the protesters, saying “Many people are afraid of what will happen next, who Trump will put in his cabinet, what his foreign policy will be. But US imperialism is US imperialism. And people are overcoming their fear and linking arm in arm together to fight against US imperialism in order to crush it, from all sides–including the inside.”


Portland J20

(Photo Caption:  Portland, Oregon – Member organizations of BAYAN USA in the Pacific Northwest protested on Inauguration Day, including member organizations Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Anakbayan Portland, and Gabriela Portland)

J20 SF

(Photo Caption: San Francisco, CA.  BAYAN USA marched with Gabriela USA, Migrante NorCal, the National Alliance of Filipino Concerns, and the International League of People’s Struggle)

Gabriela DC in J21

(Photo Caption: Washington D.C.and New York members mobilizing for the Women’s March D.C.)


J21 - Portland Women's March

(Photo Caption: Portland, Oregon.  Women’s March Portland)

J21 - GAB LA Pic

(Photo Caption: Los Angeles, CA.  On January 21, 2017, members marched and protested from Pershing Square to LA City Hall in Downtown LA.)


J21 - Womens March Oakland

(Photo Caption: Oakland, CA.  On January 21, 2017, member organization, Gabriela SF led chants and protests in Oakland, CA.)

J20 SF

(Photo Caption: San Francisco, CA. BAYAN USA, Migrante NorCal, and ILPS US Organizations mobilized at Anti-Trump protests and the Women’s March in San Francisco. Photo by Jack Stephens.)


(Photo caption: Queens, New York. Bayan USA and ILPS-US organizations lead a march and rally in Diversity Plaza)



(Photo caption: Jersey City, New Jersey. Bea Sabino of Filipina Women’s Organizing Committee speaks to crowd at People’s Inauguration at Journal Square on January 20)


unnamed(Photo caption: Seattle, WA. Bayan USA and ILPS-US organizations lead a contingent of over 200 womxn of color, LGBTQ identified people, children, and their families, at Seattle’s Women’s March.)



(Photo caption: Seattle, WA. Rhondalei Gabuat of GABRIELA Seattle and Sharlyn Santiago of Anakbayan Seattle represented BAYAN USA, speaking to a crowd of over 130,000 at Seattle’s Women’s March as they passed through the streets of Downtown Seattle.)


(Photo caption:  Chicago, IL.  Anakbayan Chicago members mobilized to protest the Trump inauguration.)

President Trump… What Now? Q & A with BAYAN USA

Why and how did Trump win?

As understandably disturbing as Trump’s election win is, his election is part of a trend happening in other parts of the world as well. We are seeing an alarming trend in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and now the US in the growing popularity of neo-fascism and white nationalism, which Trump champions.

As in these countries and regions, the people in the US are also facing massive backbreaking economic crisis– poverty, hunger, homelessness/gentrification, rising unemployment, low wages, union-busting, lack of access to healthcare and education– as a result of neoliberal policies of the global capitalist system.

Trump’s win and the rise of neo-fascism in the US can be attributed to this crisis of the capitalist system and the desperate battle of different factions of the ruling class (or the 1%) to cling to power; different factions use racism, hate, and xenophobia to varying degrees as a way to divide people and misdirect the anger and frustration of the people–especially white workers–towards each other and people considered different from them (immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs) rather than on the very capitalist system that caused the crisis. By extension, this keeps the super-profits in the hands of the ruling class (aka keep the rich richer and the poor poorer).


What does this mean for people in the US?

This scheme has already been at play. With the decline of the manufacturing sector due to outsourcing in search of cheap labor abroad, as dictated by neoliberal globalization, there is much competition over the scarcity of jobs, at lower wages, in the US. In the “right to work” states in the south, the agricultural, slaughterhouses/meat production, oil, coal and other extractive industries deliberately do NOT hire local white workers and instead import and traffic migrant workers–including the undocumented and people tied to restrictive guestworker visas–to ensure a cheap and exploitable workforce. These workers make easily identifiable scapegoats for the plight of the poor and working class people of those states, who suffer from chronic unemployment and the theft and poisoning of their natural resources.

As the economic crisis intensifies, white supremacist doctrine, and with it hateful, racist, and anti-immigrant tension and violence in our communities is rising. Hundreds of new instances of children staying home from school because of fear of deportation and hate crimes against people of color are being reported in the wake of Trump’s election. As long as people’s anger is misdirected at the wrong targets, the ruling class will continue the status quo of squeezing super-profits through the exploitation and oppression of the majority, and at the same time, beef up state repression through the military industrial complex (more wars, militarism, and militarization of the police) and mass incarceration of poor people of color (including police violence, criminalization, detention and deportation of immigrants).

But people are resisting. From the moment Trump was announced the winner, the people of the US responded immediately with demonstrations on the streets. Students are walking out of the classrooms almost daily, and mass gatherings of people are being convened by different groups to discuss how to resist a Trump presidency.


What does this mean for Filipinos in the US?

As a predominantly new immigrant, working class community, most Filipinos in the US already face crisis in the form of trafficking, low wages (wage theft), job insecurity, family separation and isolation, discrimination, and deportation. A Trump presidency, headed by a man who called Filipinos “animals” who are from a “terrorist nation,” will embolden neo-fascism and will worsen these conditions for Filipinos and other immigrant communities in the US, especially if there is no mass movement on the ground to challenge Trump, fascism, and the capitalist system itself.


What will this mean for US-Philippine relations?

The system that Trump represents in the US will seek to keep the status quo of US domination over the Philippines through a neocolonial relationship. This means violating Philippine sovereignty by maintaining and increasing US military presence in the Philippines as well as US meddling in Philippine economic policy-making for the benefit of US corporations and ruling class.  On the campaign trail, Trump constantly singled out China as a top threat to US interests, indicating that the Philippines will remain a crucial base for US military operations in the region.

The Duterte administration, which made strong pronouncements in the past of seeking to “separate” from the US and assert an independent foreign policy that upholds sovereignty, will be a target of the Trump administration for destabilization. Trump will seek to unseat and undo a Duterte presidency if the latter fails to comply with US dictates as well favor US corporate interests and US-led trade deals

At the same time, the National Democratic movement in the Philippines will also intensify and advance, especially the armed revolutionary movement in the countryside.

The National Democratic mass movement, representing the democratic aspirations of the Filipino people, will continue to wage a vibrant struggle against US imperialism, which is supported by domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism towards a just and lasting peace and genuine freedom and democracy in the country.


What do we do now?

Now is the time to unite to build a movement to resist Trump and fascism. It’s understandable that many are fearful of a Trump presidency, but we are more vulnerable to attack if we are paralyzed by our fear and do not take action.

History teaches us that it’s people united in collective action, not individual leaders, that create and determine change. It was relentless people’s struggle and collective action that brought down slavery, that won civil and voting rights, that won minimum wage laws and regulations, that won the eight-hour work day, that won Social Security and other public benefits, that won the legal right for workers to unionize, that neutralized anti-immigrant legislative proposals such as the Sensenbrenner Bill (HR 4437) and Arizona SB 1070. It was also people’s struggle and mass movement that were critical to ending the US war campaign in Vietnam.
The growing movement to resist Trump must be strengthened and sustained. Now is the time to join an organization where we learn about our rights and how we can take collective action!